Hi guys!Aspire now brings their latest Slym Kit.The Aspire Slym Kit is a new ultra portable device with a size of only 108*20mm.Powered by a built-in 1000mAh battery,the kit lasts for a long time and supports bypass output.


Slym Pod Installation

1.Prepare a pre-filled pod(not supplied) in advance

2.Push the coil into the body of the disposable pod

3.Allow the pod complete with coil to stand for 5 minutes

4.Umsrew the top cap and remove it from the device

5.Attach the activated pod,complete with fully saturated coil to the top cap and screw the whole unit back into the metal sleeve of the device.



✔*Micro USB cable

✔ 1*User manual

✔ 1*Waranty card

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