This time, let’s talk about the latest hot arrivals— Drag X and Drag S. It’s known that DRAG series is always in the creation of performance and aesthetics of all possible.

Sourcemore & VOOPOO DRAG S Kit Giveaway: https://bit.ly/2Zfiz9Q

Sourcemore & VOOPOO DRAG X Kit Giveaway: https://bit.ly/2ApBbJR


VOOPOO DRAG X and DRAG S  Construction


Size9532.5 28mm87*33″ 28mm
Battery1″18650 (Not Include)2500mAh (Built-in)
Power Range5W-80W5W-60W
Output Voltage3.2-4.2V3.2-4.2V
Charging Voltage5V/2A5V/2A
Resistance Range0.10-3.000.10-3.00
Kit Included CoilPnP0.150&PnP0.3QPnP0.2Q&PnP0.3Q
Other PnP CoilsCompatible with all PnP coilCompatible with all PnP coil
Capacity4.5ml (Standard Edition) /2ml(EU Edition)4.5ml (Standard Edition) /2ml(EU Edition)

Operation Steps

Step 1. Install coil

Take out the coil, and Insert the coil from the bottom of the pod

Step 2. Fill e-liquid

Pull out the silica gel plug according to the instructions, then refill e-liquid from oi-filling slots. It is recommended to keep two thirds full.

VOOPOO DRAG X and DRAG S Filling way

Step 3. Install the atomizer

Insert the atomizer with e-liquid into the mod.

Step 4. Start to use the device

After keeping it stand for about five minutes, you are free to usethe device.

Airflow System

Slide the button at the top of the mod, enabling you to enjoy a better vaping experience with the innovative variable airflow system.

Introduction of regular version

-Puffs in a day: Record the puffs in a day and it will be reset to zero the nextday.

-Total pffs:Record the historical total number of puffs.

PUFF clear: Press the fire button and -button at the same time.

It is important to set your correct local time for the puff counter to work accurately.

-GENE TT chipcan calculate by simulating the amount of vaping per mouth cigarette through simulation to display the corresponding graph.

2. Tips: Score mode is a feature of the special version, customer will need logon the Voopoo official website after age verification to flash the device to get this feature.

Operation Instructions

1. On/off. Short press on fire button five times.

2. PUFF Clear: Press the fire & “-.” buttons simultaneously. Puff records can be displayed on the main interface.

3. Enter the PUFF main interface Press the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously. Exit the PUFF main interface: Press and hold the fire button for 2 seconds.

CHIP ID interface display: Press the fire button briefly.

Record the suction number of recent 14 days in total. Press “+” and “-” buttons to check the suction number of a certain day.

Remarks: if the battery is taken out, the data recorded on PUFF will be automatically cleared.

4. Lock/unlock :Press the fire button and “+”button at the same time.

The product can not be fired when locked or adjust power.

5. Enter clock interface: Press the fire button. “+” button and “-” button at the same time.

Clock interface, short press on fire button to change cursor, “+” “-” button to settle time, press and hold fire button to save and exit.

6. Mode Switching :Short press on fire button three times.

-SMART The use of the PnP coil, identify the best power, and prevent the power over the core.

-RBA User-Define adjust 5W-60W/80W.

Double Ignition mode (press buttons or adopt automatic mode) Support Vaping in Auto-mode while screen locked [Drag S]

GENE TT chip can calculate by simulating the amount of vaping per mouth cigarette through simulation to display the corresponding score, and the cumulative score can be upgraded at different levels.” to adjust the power from 5W 60W/80W.

7. Stutus notification

8. Software upgrading: Consumers have access to upgrade the software to the latest version on V0OPOO official webstewww.voopoo.com), which requires the specific Type-C USB cable equipped with voopoo product to connect the computer. Meanwhile, the side of Type-C data line marked with “▲” shall face downward.

Installation of battery

1. Slide and open the battery cover according to the indicator at the bottom.

2. Install the prepared 18650 battery from the bottom according to the correct anode and cathode indication. (It is recommended to use high-rate battery, with discharge current > 30A.)

3. Close the battery cover.

Security Protection

-Overtime protection

-Low battery protection

-Over temperature protection- Atomizer short-circuit protection

-Output over-current protection- Max Power Protection

-Overcharge protection

Precautions for Daily Use of Leather:

1. Please try to avoid scratches by sharp objects or direct friction against rough articles.

2. Please try to avoid contact with corrosive substances such as acids and bases, or alcohol or alcoholicliquids from coming into contact with leather surface.

3. Please use a soft cotton cloth to clean the dirt on the leather surface.

VOOPOO DRAG X and DRAG S Pod Kit Unboxing

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