The past several years has witnessed the progress of Aspire in the whole vaping market. Recently, the first product that is fully designed and produced by Aspire has released——Aspire Neeko RTA 3ml.

Aspire Neeko RTA 3ml

How could the Neeko RTA become the prestigious of Aspire?

Constructed from premium stainless steel coupled with a stylish and modern body tube structure and easy top filling design, all of which are the regular advantages for a not bad RTA.

But…How could the Neeko RTA become the prestigious of Aspire?

Just look at the picture above, through which you will see the most expansive airflow options of any RTA tanks in the world. To ensure the elaborate airflow requirements of MTL enthusiast are catered for comectly,the Necko RTA comes with 12 air intake components, in a different diameters, which can offer 49 elaborate airlow options.

The airflow journey starts from the bottom airflow holes and passes directly underneath the coils. This ingenious airflow design results concentrated vapor. Besides, Neeko RTA adopts a single coil build deck, which is easy to use and extremely time-efficient.

The Package of Aspire Neeko RTA 3ml Includes:

✔ 1x Neeko RTA Tank (3 ml)
✔ 1x Spare Drip Tip
✔ 1x Spare Tank Tube (3 ml)
✔ 1x Screwdriver
✔ 2x Spare Grub Screws
✔ 1x O-rings Pack
✔ 2x Rubber Bark
✔ 1x User Manual
✔ 12x AFC Pins (2*φ0.8mm, 2*φ1.0mm, 2*φ1.2mm, 2*φ1.5mm, 2*φ2.5mm, 2*φ2.0mm preinstalled)

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