Here is a quick guide on how to use your new Innokin Sensis Kit.


How to Use

1, Fill the Sensis Cioss pod.

3, Adjust airflow control to your preferred seting
4, Power on the device, Select output mode,
5, Vape & Enjoy!

How to Change Coil


Operating Screen

Device Control

Access Menu: Hold at the same time.

2. Secondary Screen: at the same time.

Wattoge Voltoge Lock/Unlock at the same time

Charging & Safety

  • Gently insert type-C USB cable correctly.
  • Charge with a certified 5V wall charger and included type-CUSB cable.
  • Do not leave device charging unattended.
  • Do not store Sensis on an empty battery.
  • Keep at least 1/2 charged when not in use.
  • Always check cols for recommended wattage range.


  • If you have a pacemaker, please seek dice from your doctor before using this device.
  • Keep contacts clean of debris e-liquid.
  • Keep tank at least 1/3 full for best longevity and favors. Don’t vape if tank is empty.
  • If there is a burnt taste, replace the coil immediately.
  • Replace col when there is a reduction in flavor or vapor.

Key functions


Extend the lifeof your coil.

When Coil+ mode is activated in your Sensis, the coil will be automatically primedwith e-liquid at the end of each puff,extending the coil’s lifespan,

This setting is the simplest way to take advantage of ACM technology. You should consider using it at all times, if not using F0.


Revive Flavourson Demand.

Activate refresh to run a pulse of alternatingcurrent at 40% of your selected wattage.This draws e-liquid to the coil, preventingdry hits and ensuring a fully saturated vape.

Consider activating refresh regularly, whenflavour becomes muted, or you haven’t usedyour device in a while,

When using Refresh function, please make sure:

  1. The device is set on the correct wattage voltage for the coil.
  2. There is e-liquid in the tank.
  3. Please do not run Refresh too many times in one session.

Find your Freqúency.

FØ uses alternating current to produce a wave-form that runs continuously with every vape. You can adjust the hertz output to match your coil and e-liquid. When properly matched to your atomizer, FØ will extend coil life, provide smoother heat transfer and can even enhance specific flavours in e-liquid.

We recommend using FØ whenever possible to take full advantage of ACM tech and get the most from your coil.

Technical Information


When the battery voltoge is lower than27v, the device will not power on.

LOW BATTERY Warning is displayed when the battery voltage is lower than 3.3V. Battery voltage is shown on the secondary screen. Solution: Charge the device.

CHECK COIL Warming is displayed when the tankfpod/coil is not connected properly or the coil resistance is not supported (<0.21>3.5). Solution: Check the connection and reconnect the tank/pod or replace the coil.

VAPE CUTOFF Warning is displayed when the puff time exceeds the set Vape Cutoff time. Solution: Vape Cutoff time is set through the Menu.

OVERHEAT Warning is displayed when the PCBTemperature exceeds 90C Output is disabled until the PCB returns to a safe operating temperature.

ATOMIZER SHORT Warning is displayed when there is a short- circuit in the coil and output is disabled.
Solution: Check the tank/coil and replace it.

LOW RES Warning is displayed and output is disabled when the coil resistance is <0.2.
Solution: Check the tank/coil and replace the coil.

Automatic Screen Timeout

The display wil power off according to the TIMEOUT setin theMenu. To reactivate, press any button or connect a poweredType-C USB cable.

Automatic Wattage Decrease:

When the battery power is low, the device will automotcllyreduce the output wattoge. Please recharge the device tocontinue vaping.

How to Use Sensis 510 Adapter


Device Dimensions121*40*30mm
Tank Capacity3.1ml/2ml
Battery mAh3000 mAh
Minimum/ Maximum Wattage6.0W-40W
Charging CurrentDCS.0V/1.7A

Sceptre/S-Coil Types

CoilRecommended WattageRecommended Vape StyleMaterials
S-Coil 0.25025 35WRDLKAL Mesh + Seaweed fibre cotton
Sceptre 1.208-9.5WMTLNI-CR
Sceptre 0.5018-20WRDLKAL Mesh
Sceptre 0.65Q9-12WMTLKAL Mesh

You can learn more and use code SENK to get a special price from Innokin Sensis Kit.

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