How to Use Kanger Surf Pod

Surf Pod Kit by KangerTech is equipped with a disposable 1.2mL pre-filled pod and a coil of NiCr 1.6Ohm. The built-in 300mAh battery can ensure a long time vaping. No-button design makes the whole operation pretty simple and convenient. The small and exquisite appearance makes it quite portable.

Length: 33mm
Width: 11mm
Height: 85mm
Pod Capacity: 1.2mL
Weight: 21g
Coil Resistance: NiCr 1.6Ohm
Battery Capacity: Built-in 300mAh
Charging: Micro-USB, DC5V/200MA(Max)

Kanger Surf  Operation:

  1. Prepare a new pod, and pull out the drip tip plug and the silicone cap.
  2. Insert the pre-filled pod into the mod and start to vape.

KangerTech Surf Function/Indicator:

  1. When puffing, the LED light turns on and the atomizer emits vapor; when stopping puffing, the LED light turns off and the atomizer stops emitting vapor.
  2. The LED light turns on when the device is charging and the LED light turns off when the battery is fully charged.

Kanger Surf Kit Protection:

  1. Overuse Protection: When one puff exceeds 10s, the atomizer will stop working and the LED light will flash 3 times in the meantime; then the device will enter the standby status.
  2. Short-circuit Protection: When the atomizer is short circuited during puffing, the LED light will flash 3 times and the device will stop working.
  3. Low-voltage Protection: When the battery voltage is low, the LED light flashes 10 times and the atomizer stops emitting vapor, which indicates the device should be recharged.
  4. Over-charging Protection: The device will stop charging when the battery is fully charged.


  1. Do not charge the device outdoors or near water.
  2. Do not use this device for anything other than vaping.
  3. Do not swallow the e-liquid
  4. Disassemble the device will invalidate your warranty.
  5. Do not look into the drip tip while vaping to prevent juice from spitting in your eyes.
  6. Do not use the device while driving.
  7. Do not dispose battery to fire or use it in extreme temperature.
  8. Suitable temperature range of using is 5-45 degree.
  9. This device is not designed to be a smoking cessation device.
  10. Use the provided tank and battery as a kit and do not use with other tank or battery separately.
  11. Switch off the device when put into your pocket to prevent accidental firing.
  12. This device is designed for adults. It should not be used by children under the age of their local smoking or vaping laws, women who are pregnant, or those suffering from illness that could be worsened by the use of this product. Keep all components away from children and pets.
  13. This device should be repaired by qualified person only.
  14. If you have an adverse reaction in the use of this product, stop using it immediately and seek medical assistance.
  15. Nicotine E-liquid, which is highly addictive substance, can be used in this product.
  16. If the device drops down, check the device is not loose, there is no leakage of e-liquid, and the mouthpiece is not damaged. Ensure that no parts are cracked or deformed before reuse.

Download the Kanger Surf Manual:

Kanger Surf User Manual.PDF

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