E-cigars, which first emerged as a substitution for traditional tobacco products, now enjoy great popularity with young people nowadays. I guess that you must be one of the vapers fascinated by vape tricks played by some talents and dream of being command of those complicated tricks.Here you are at the right start! Follow me, today we are going to show you how to blow Os.

Blowing Os is one of the vape tricks. Generally, people have common misunderstanding about it that there is only one way to blow Os. Actually, there are 45 ways to do it according to researches. Here I would like to teach you five most frequent ways to blow Os. Read carefully, or you may miss!

Ok, let’s get started. Before it, you need to shape your mouth in certain ways and cross your lips inside. You need to make sure that your mouth is shaped in the correct way, which can allow the airflow pass through and the smoke to come out in an O shape. You can have a try!

Well, the second way to blow Os is much different from the first. You need to swirl your tongue and then flip the air out so that the O shaped smoke can be produced. But there is one thing you need pay attention to. You should not flip the air at a quick speed.

If you have grasped the above two ways, you can have a try on the third one. It is more advanced than the previous two methods. You need to tip your tongue and dip it under your teeth. And you are gonna to push it with the back of your tongue. Remember do not use your front tongue.

The last one is to use your jaws. You just need to jaw very slightly and then the air will come out. It sounds pretty easy to learn.

Actually, there are more ways to do this trick and here I am only introducing the easiest ones for you. Hope you can enjoy vaping and shock your friends with your amazing tricks.

Follow us, we will keep updating new techniques in playing vape tricks.

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