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As one of the old manufacturers, the Cloupor released a lot classic vape box mod, especially the Battlestar series which is one of the must-have mod for vapers. To catch up with the date, he releases the Smoant Pastio Pod kit for the new market.

The Packing List:

The Smoant Pasito comes with a concise package with an innovative design for the user manual. In the packing list, it also has two coils, one charging cable, an after-service card, and a quality.

Smoant Pastio Pod kit

With a walkie-talkie shape, the Smoant Pasito gives a new feeling on aesthetic. From the image, we can get the pod is high in good-looking, especially, the resin panel which makes the Smoant Pasito has a special looking.

Even the pod kit has a clear edge, the side and corner cut neatly. You would not feel uncomfortable. Even ladies can hold it easily.

Just like another walkie-talkie kit, there is no fire button and level changing switcher on the side panel. The Pasito kit supports five level output wattage. The LED indicator on the face panel would show you the level with 10W, 13W, 16W, 20W and 25W. It is also an indicator for the battery volume. With a different wattage, it would give vapers more experience on flavor and enjoyment for vaping.

Smoant Pastio Pod kit

With 1100mAh battery and the max 25w wattage, it has a great performance on the battery lasts. Pulling out the cartridge out, we can get that the Pasito has exquisite craftsmanship for inner structure. The battery and cartridge connected with a long magnet which is tight and stable.

About The Coil:

The chamber for the kit is in ā€œLā€ shape. We can stir the air valve to adjust the airflow system to realize the different inhaling resistance. With 3ml capacity, it is durable.

For the coil, the Pasito released three types with 0.6ohm mesh coil, 1.4ohm NI80 coil, and an RTA for DIY. The DIY coil is not in the packing. You have to order it separately.

For the coil, the official has a different vaping method for them. The 0.6-ohm mesh coil is for DTL vaping with 20W or 25W output wattage. The 1.4ohm NI80 coil is for MTL vaping with 10W or 13W wattage. During the vaping, they both have a great flavor.

Smoant Pastio Pod kit

For the pre-made coil, it is very easy. Plug the pole base deck, then installing the coil onto it, at last, install the juice house for vaping.

For RTA coil, it is not difficult to install the coil. During the installation, we have to fold down the wire. If it is not convenient to get through the pole, you can directly wire it on the screw. Because of the limitation of the wattage, the single coil is the best choice. You have to install the adapter when oil burning and remove it when connecting the RTA. With the RTA coil, it effectively reduces the costs.

The chipset for the Pasito is the self-developed ANT chipset for the increase and decrease the voltage. Even at the low battery volume, the Pasito kit has a stable output wattage. The juice filling method for the pod kit is simple by pulling the drip tip base for refilling.


The New Pasito Pod kit gives us a brand new aesthetic. Three coils meet vapers different demands. The new vapers can vape with the pre-made coil. The advance vapers can DIY with RTA coil. With the 1100mah battery and 3ml juice capacity, the Pasito is a great alternative for us.

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