Operation Steps

Step 1. Install coil
Unscrew the base, pull out the coil, and Insert the coil from the bottom of the tank.

Step 2. Fill e-liquid
Unscrew the top cap, refill e-liquid from filling slots, then screw the top cap. lt is recommended to keep the e-liquid tank two-thirds full.

Step 3. Start to use the device
Let the coil be saturated for about five minutes and you are free to use the device. You can adjust the airflow and power in order to enjoy optimal vaping experience.

Interface introduction

Function description

1. Turn on/off the device:
Press the Fire Button five times quickly.

2. QS Lock:
Toggle the lock switch to the right-left to enable/disable the lock function, and the display will prompt lock/unlock status.
Enabling the lock function will invalidate other operations except for switching on and off.

3. Setting interface: Press the “+” and “-” keys at the same time to enter the setting interface, use the “+” “-” to select the setting options, and press the fire Button to confirm.

4. Multi-Operation mode settings: After entering the setting interface, select the “Mode” option, and select the operation mode of the device in the sub-interface.
SMART: this mode under which the coil is used can identify the best power and prevent the coil from burning due to high power.
RBA: User-Defined power adjustable from 5W-200W.
TURBO: most in line with the smoking habits of heavy smokers, with user-Defined power adjustable from 5W-200W.
a). Support three kinds of heating wire: Ni, Ti, ss;

  • TC adjustable range 200-600F 1 100-315C
  • When the temperature is set at 100C, keep pressing “-” it will tum to 600″F
  • When the temperature is set at 200 F, keep pressing it will tumto315″C
    b).M1. M2. M3: Press the fire button and the “+” button at the same time to save the current heating wire material, power and temperature.
    c). Press the fire button 3 times, the power will flash, then press the”+” or*-button to adjust the power from 5W to 80W.
    d). TC Mode Custom Mode Coil Cooling Value Coil Coefficient Coilcooling value range: 0.05-3.00.

5. Data clear: Enter setting, select “PUFF=0”, and the puff count will be reset.

6. Charging: Support charging with 5V/3A. It is recommended to use the type-C cable provided by VOOPOO to charge the device.

7. GENE CHIP: Display the corresponding graph by simulating the amount of vaping per puff.

8. Software upgrade: Consumers have access to upgrading the software to the latest version on VOOPOO official website (www.voopoo.com), which requires a specific Type-C cable to connect voopoo product with the computer. Please keep your device fully charged.

9. Status notification

Installation of battery
Slide and open the battery cover according to the indicator at the bottom.
Install the prepared 18650 battery from the bottom according to the correct anode and cathode indication. (It is recommenent230A)high-rate battery, with discharge current
Close the battery cover.

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