Today, let’s talk about the operations of latest released kit-Zero.G device.

Status of indicator lightDevice
Flash white 3 timesClick the fire button 5 times quickly to turn on or off
GreenBattery level > 3.8V (50-100%)
BlueBattery level = 3.5~ 3.8V (20-50%)
RedBattery level < 3.5V (0-20%)

How to adjust the wattage output

It is very easy to adjust the output wattage. Just twist the adjustment ring located at the bottom of the device. Align the reddot with the output wattage value of your choice.

Protective Features

Vaping Over-Time
Protection (10s)
The LED light will flash purple 10 times
Short Circuit ProtectionThe LED light will flash purple 3 times
Low Voltage ProtectionThe LED light will flash red 15 times
Overcharge ProtectionThe device will stop charging
Overheat ProtectionThe LED light will stay yellow for 3s and then the device will cut off

Charging Instructions

Maximum charge current1A
Recommended charge voltage5V
LED Light flashes green 20 timesFully charged
LED light flashes red 3 timesAttach the type-C cable
LED light flashes green 3 timesUnplug the type-C cable


When installing a new coil, let the pod stand for 5minutes after flling so the cotton is saturated withe-liquid before use.

Do not let the pod become completely empty. Refill the pod to avoid dry burning or damage to the coil.

Coil Installation:

Pod Filling

RBA Build Instruction

In the last of the post, let’s watch the video of Aspire Zero.G Kit

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