1. Power on/off: Push forward the battery cover and put three high-rate 18650 cells into the battery body. Press the fire button 5 times in quick succession to tum the device on and off.


(1). Please adjust the wattage to a proper range to match the atomizer you used before using

(2). Please be careful not to use battery with tom shell for safety

2. Key lock function:

While the device is on, simultaneously press the two regulatory buttons This will switch between Key Lock and Key Unlock function.

3. Micro USB port function:

The USB port can be used for charging and upgrading firmware It is better to take out the cells and charge them through external charger.

4. Switch the display mode:

By pressing the left and right regulatory buttons simultaneously in shutdown state, the screen display will rotate 180 degrees. You can then view the screen from two kinds of angle through this operation.

General Settings

When the device is on, press the fire button 3 times in succession to enter the main menu.

2. Press the left or right regulatory button once repeatedly to shift among

(1) MODE,

(2) SET and

(3) INFO.

Press the fire button to confirm. Under their sub-menus, you can choose vaping mode, set parameters, tum on/off certain functions and so on in the same way (press the left or right regulatory button to adjust and press the fire button to confirm)
3. After settings are complete, just move the EXIT to go back to the main interface.

Supplementary Instructions:
Parameter Settings:

Under VW mode, the wattage can be adjusted by pressing the regulatory buttons, right to increase and left to decrease; Under TC/TCR mode, the temperature can be adjusted by pressing the regulatory buttons, right to increase and left to decrease.


1. The TC-55 mode is suitable to SS316 coil.
2. When using normal coil or the resistance of coil you used is higher than 1.Sohm in TC modes, the device will automatically switch to POWER mode.
3. When Kanthal coil is applied under TC/TCR mode, the device will also automatically switch to POWER mode.


Under SUBPARA menu, PUFF (total vaping puffs), TIME (total vap1ng seconds) and AMP (current amp) are included. You can choose one of them to be displayed on the main interface.

Clock Setting:

Under SET-CLOCK menu, you can set the time and date by pressing the right regulatory button to move and left right regulatory button to adjust. (Note: When the device is on, you can select the RTC mode under MODE-RTC menu. And you can check the time on the main interface.)

Preheat Function:

Preheat function allows the device to quickly heat up the coil at a higher wattage with certain time limit. This function only works under VW mode.

Timeout Duration:

Once the duration is set (like 5 seconds), when you hold the fire button and vape over the pre-set time, it’ll display “OVER 5S PROTECT” and shut down automatically. Press the fire button 5 times to restart.

About TCR Mode:

In TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) mode, users can set the parameters according to the TCR of coil.

Following is the TCR value range for your reference:

Note: 1. The TCR value in the sheet is 10’multiplied of the actual TCR.
2. The TCR value range is 1-1000.


Please consult with your WISMEC distributors for warranty policy. We are not responsible for any damage caused by user error
This warranty is only valid for authentic WISMEC products within warranty period from date of purchase by the end user.


1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. This product is not recommended for use by young people, non-smokers, pregnant or breast-feeding women, persons who are allergic/sensitive to nicotine


1. Only have your product repaired by Wismec. Do not attempt to repair the unit by yourself as damage or personal injury may occur.
2. Do not leave the product in high temperature or damp conditions, as this may damage the product. The appropriate operation temperature is within 0°C to 45°C while charging and -10°C to 60°C while in use
3. Keep away from water.

Possible adverse effects

1. Use of this product may cause damage to health
2. For people with adverse reaction after using this product, it is recommended to use the juice with lower nicotine content or no nicotine

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