Vandy Vape recently released a mod that looks like it aims to enter into the world of tough mods, who is called the Jackaroo.


Operation steps on coil

  1. Assemble the coil.
  2. Put the cartridge into the mod.
  3. Pull out the silicone plug to add oil, let it stay for 5 minutes4. Adjust to appropriate airflow hole and use.

Methods to use the wrench

Fix wrench on the coil and pull it out.

Mod Instructions

Main Parameters

1Output Power5W-70W (RMS )
2Maximum Output Current30A
3Operating ModeVW
4Operating Voltage3.2-4.2V
5Charging Input Voltage5±0.25V
6Charging Input Current1.5A
7Quiescent Current<10uA
8Resistance0.1-3.02 ( ±5%)
9Vaping Time10S
10Built-in battery2000MAH

Operating Instructions

  1. Power on/off: Press fire button five times successively.
  2. Intelligent identification of atomizer:When the atomizer is connected, the mod will intelligently identify the type of atomizer, (the screen will automatically change the color to remind) and then intelligently match the output power. If you want to adjust the output power manually, you can press the +/- key to set it, while it will intelligently limit the adjustment range.
  3. Output power: The output voltage control method adopts PWM (Pulsewidth modulation); The calculation method of output power is based on RMS(RMS-Root Mean Square)
  4. Application of button combination: (1) Press and hold the ” fire button” and “+*button simultaneously to lock/unlock the device. (2) Press the “+” and “-.” buttons twice simultaneously to enter the NLS function and re-read the atomizer. (3) Press +”-“and fire buttons simultaneously to turn off(with protection prompt)/ turn on the screen. (4) Press and hold the “fire button” and” -” button simultaneously to reset the puffs
  5. Type-C charging interface: Connect to 5V power through Type-C interface, enter charging state, the battery icon on the screen shows moving state, and displays “charge full” when the battery is fully charged (the display turns off after 20 minutes). Attention: Fully charged time is less than 2 hours, 5V 2Acharger or cable is required.
  6. Safe Protection: Overtime protection, Over-temperature protection, Overload current protection, Battery overcharge protection, Low battery protection, Short circuit protection.
  7. Precautions: (1) Please keep the device away from high temperature and fire. (2) When using the device, it is forbidden to drop, knock, hit, or intrude into liquids, and be careful when handling them. (3) Please select the corresponding working mode for atomizers in different materials. (4) Please turn off or lock the device when carrying the product to prevent accidental vaping. (5) Please keep the device away from children and pregnant women.

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