RPM160 Kit is a pod mod system kit that features compact structure, ergonomic comfort and innovative chip design.

Here we share you with some usage guides.

Safety Instructions

1) Charge the battery indoors only;

2) Do not use any power source that does not have a local legal manufacturing license.

Preparation before use

1) Please make sure the battery you’re using corresponds with theBATTERY WARNING CARD,

2) Before vaping, please make sure the pod is illed with enough e-juice.

Battery Installation

1) Slide and open the battery cover as the picture shows;

2) Place two 18650 batteries into the device according to the correctdirections;

3) Close the battery cover.

Operation Guide

RPM160 Device

1. Power On:

While the device is off fast press the Fire Key 5 times in2 seconds to turn it on. The screen displays the product logo “RPM160” and the version information;

2. Vaping:

While the device is on, press the Fire Key to vape (it will be forced to stopworking when vaping time is longer than 8 seconds, release and pressagain to vape again);

Quickly press the Fire Key 3 times to lock or unlock the vaping function.

3. Screen Unlocked Status:

1) Press UP or DOWN Button to choose your desired wattage;

2) Press UP and DOWN Button simultaneously to lock or unlock thewattage adjustment function;

3) Press the Fire key and DOWN Button simuitaneously to clear thenumber of puffs;

4. Charging:

When the USB cable is inserted, the charging interface will appear and display the battery percentage of two batteries and the estimated charging time.

5.Power Off:

While the device is on, fast press the Fire KeyS times in2 seconds to turn it off.

RPM160 Pod

How to fill with e-liquid

  1. Pull out the rubber plug on the slot;
  2. Add e liquid through the slot;
  3. Press the rubber plug back carefully and firmly.

Appendix1 Key Function

Fire KeyFast click 5 times in 2s- Power On/Off
Fast click 3 times – Lock or unlock vape FunctionHold on- Vape
Hold on vape
Up Click to increase the wattage
DownClick to reduce the wattage
Up+DownLock or unlock the wattage adjustment function
Fire Key+DownClear the puff number

Appendix 2 Screen Prompts

BATTERY LOWThe battery voltage is lower than 3.2Vt0.1V or the battery voltage is lower than 2.5Vt0.1V during vaping.
NO ATOMIZERNO pods installed
OHMS TOO LOWResistance is lower than 0.10t5%
OHMS TOO HIGHResistance ls higher than25015%
ATOMIZER SHORTShort circuit has been detected.
PCBATOO HOTThe temperature of PCBA is too high, and high-temperature protection starts.
TIME OVERWhen the vaping time is longer than 8 seconds,
WATTAGE LOCKEDThe wattage adjustment functions locked (you can’t change the wattage when pressing the UP/DOWN button).
POWER LOCKEDThe vaping function is locked (you can’t fire it when locked).

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