Vaporesso GEN NANO

After GEN and GEN S KIT, GEN NANO comes latest with you guys’ exception! I don’t know whether this is the last device of GEN series, but GEN NANO has been improved a lot.

Most of the operations steps are the same as the previous, but some details you should also know, especialy for starters.

Constrution view

Start Vaping

There is a pre-installed coil in the tank, so after filling your e-liquid, and you can start vaping.

Simply press and hold the power button to start vaping. For your safety, please do not vape for more than 10s at a time.

Lock / Unlock the Buttons

Press the power button 3 times continuously to lock or unlock the +button, “-” button and mode button. The power button still works.

Choose a Mode

Press the mode button 3 times continuously or long press the modebutton to start mode setting.


After the atomizer is installed, the device will enter the PULSE MODE automatically.

PULSE MODE: lt’s a mode to improve vaping experience through constant voltage output, delivering optimal flavor production, nicotine satisfaction, and perfect temperature cloud continuously.


When the battery level is below 40% and unable to support the preset POWER ECO mode for increasing endurance.


When the temperature heating wire (SS/Ti/Ni) is detected, the devicewill provide an option to enter the STC (Smart TC) mode automatically.


You can choose traditionalVW (H, N, S), v, vT, ccw, BP (bypass) andSP (super player) modes in this section. When the coil resistance isextremely low, the device will provide an option to enter the SP (SuperPlayer) mode automatically.

*VWS/VWN NWH (Variable Wattage Mode)

VWH: high start-up speed
VWN: normal start-up speed
VWS: soft start-up speed

*VT-SSVT-NIVT-TIVT-MI (Variable Temperature Control Mode)

The ss, NI and T modes are only available for the Stainless Steel SUS316L, Nickel 200 and Titanium materials respectively. Choose the MI mode to make a customized setting when other heating wire material sire installed.

*VV (Variable Voltage Mode)The ss, NI and TI

Customize the voltage according to your needs.

*CCW (Customized Curve of Wattage Mode)

Press the “+” and “-” buttons to customize your curve of wattage

output; press the mode button moving to the next bar; press the power button to save and exit when the setting is done.

*BP (Bypass Mode)

A direct voltage output mode depends on the battery level; the effectivecoil resistance range is from 0.15Q to 5Q.

*SP(Super Player Mode)

in DIY mode, when the coil resistance of the loaded coil is between0.03-0.050, the system will prompt to enter the super player mode,which is suitable for the RDA/RBA coil with ultra-low resistance.


System setting includes puff counter, brightness, flip screen, smartvW on/off, Auto Eco on/off, default and version settings, the operatinginterface can be customized by yourself,

Smart vw: when this function is turned on and an atomizer is installed,the system will recommend the best power for you.

Auto Eco: When the battery level is below 40% and unable to supportthe preset power, the device will automatically enter the POWER ECOmode for increasing endurance.

About Charging

After the USB cable is connected to the battery, the screen indicatorand remaining charging time will be displayed on the screen.


USB input ProtectionThe USB input voltage is higher than the rated voltage.
Low Battery ProtectionThe battery Level drops too low.
NO Load ProtectionThe device detects no atomizer on the battery.
Short-circuit ProtectionThe device detects a short circuit
Overtime ProtectionConstantlyvape for more than10 seconds
Overheat ProtectionThe device detects an overheated PCBA
Dry ProtectionIn Smart TC mode, the device detects insufficient e-liquid remaining.

Thanks for reading the blog! Here is a special gift for you. Enjoy!

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