VOOPOO Drag 2 description :

Appearance & Main Parameters:

Drag 2 Overview

VOOPOO Drag 2 Mod Parameters :

Size : 88.3 x 51 x 26.5mm

Power Output : 5-177W

Battery : Dual battery 18650 x 2

Program upgradable : Yes

Resistance Range : Non-TC wire : 0.05-5.0Ω(±5%) TC wire : 0.05-1.5Ω(±5%)

2.Drag 2 Electric Parameter :

3.Eight Security Protection :

Overtime protection – Over temperature protection – Output over-current protection – Overcharge protection – Low battery protection – Atomizer short-circuit protection – Support balance charge with batteries from different manufacturers – Battery anti-reverse protection

VOOPOO Drag 2 Mod Instructions :

Basic Operation

①. Press the fire button for 5 times: Power on/off Press the fire button for 3 times: Sequently switch from Power mode → FIT mode → TC mode ②. Press “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously: Enter function menu ③. Press the fire and “+” buttons simultaneously: Lock/Unlock ④. Press the fire and “-” buttons simultaneously: Switch screen orientation

Four Mode Settings :

Four Mode Operations :

A. Power Mode:

a). Adjust the wattage from 5W to 177W, The product automatically recommends the output wattage according to the resistance of the atomizer when it detects that a new atomizer has been attached.

b). Press up and down buttons at the same time,enter function menu:

B. FIT Mode:

a). Boot default , Press “+” or “-” button to select the three options .

C. TC Mode:

a). Support SS, Ni, Ti, NC, TC, 5 kinds of heating wire, factory default SS, Ni, Ti, Connect computer APP to open NC, TC;

b). Temperature control adjustable range : 200-600℉ / 100-315℃ – When the temperature setting is at 100℃, keep pressing “-”, it will turn to be 600℉; – When the temperature setting is at 200℉, keep pressing “-”, it will turn to be 315°C.

c). To adjust wattage while in TC Mode, press fire button 4 times rapidly to activate wattage adjustment. You will see the “W” wattage icon flashing. The wattage can be adjusted from 5W to 80W.

d). Press “+” and “-”Simultaneously,Enter function menu :

e). Coil cooling value range : 0.05~1.50Ω

D. Custom Mode:

a). Custom mode under Power mode or TC mode:

– Press “+” and “-”Simultaneously,Enter function menu , select and Switch M1 to M5; – Press fire button 4 times, Switch :Power customization (W) → FIT mode →TC customization (SS, Ni, Ti);

b). Under Custom Mode, there are 2 ways to adjust the value: – Manually switch custom curve per second (Shortly press fire button 4 times to enter the curve interface, press UP/DOWN to adjust, then long press fire button to exit.), see the chart below:

Connect to a computer app for custom settings

More instructions :

A. Sleep Mode: Screen will auto turn off in 30s without operations, and will enter standby mode in 30min without operations/usage after screen is turned off. To activate, press power button.

B. Charging Mode : The device will enter charging state with the battery icon running when it’s connected to 5V power supply with USB cable; when the device is fully charged, the battery icon will stop running. Note:It takes 3 hours to fully charge the device (5V/2A charger required).

C. Computer customization : You can do the following customization operations via the VOOPOO Firmware: Prompt page, Temperature coefficient, Temperature curve, Wattage Curve, Increase /Decrease Coil type and Device Upgrade etc. Download address:http://www.voopoo.com.

D. Function tips :

E. Accommodation coefficient of the TC wire :

Note: 1. The higher coil coefficient you set, the higher coil temperature you get; 2. Because of the different material for the wire, you may feel the power is not strong enough when vaping, you can properly adjust the coil coefficient at a higher rate to get a better vaping experience; 3. Please adjust the coil coefficient at a low rate, if too high there is a risk of firing cotton.

Attention :

a. Please keep device away from heat, fire and water. b. Please do not drop, throw or immerse the device in water. c. Please use the proper working mode according to your atomizer’s material. d. Please turn off or lock the device to avoid mis-firing when you take it on the go. e. Keep the contents of this package out of reach of children and pregnant women. f. Please use high rate discharge batteries , over 30A is recommended. g. Please don’t use batteries with broken skin or which are not completely insulated.

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