VOOPOO VFL Operating Instructions:

How To Fill Liquid into VOOPOO VFL:

1. Pull up the silicone plug then fill in the liquid (see picture a). 2. Put back the silicone plug.

How To Assemble:

1. Connect the filled liquid pod with mouthpiece(see picture b). 2. Connect the above with battery part. Once you hear a click, it means correctly assembled(see picture c).

The pod and the nozzle is designed for the card slot,To remove the pod easily , we should shake it on the left and right promote. Shake it first on one promote and hear the sound, and then you shake the other promote and also hear the sound, so that it will be easy to remove the pod.

VOOPOO VFL Kit Basic Functions:

  1. Power Button on/off: Press the power button on/off five times continuously within 2s, all gear position lights will be on for 3s.
  2. Vaping trigger mode: MIC trigger smoking mode
  3. Preheating: Press the preheat button 3 times continuously within 2s to start preheating the current set voltage gear lamp flashing prompt. The preheat cycle time is 15s. If you want to stop preheating, press the preheat button once or keep to vaping.
  4. Voltage setting: Press this button continuously within 2 times to switch over: 2.5v/3.0v/3.5v cycles
  5. Low battery power prompt charge: 3 Voltage level indicator light from high to low lamp lit after all on 2s, after five cycles then close the tips.
  6. Protection function: output short circuit protection, low power protection, overcharge and over discharge protection and vaping overtime protection.

VOOPOO VFL  Charging:

How to charge:
Twist the bottom 90 degrees to find the USB port. When charging is complete, twist it back to its original.

Micro USB charging: 5V – 500mA;
When USB plug in to charge the device, 3 voltage indicator light flashing from bottom to top during charging process, after full charge, the lamp goes out.

Click to download the VOOPOO VFL Manual:

VOOPOO VFL User Manual.pdf

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